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Cassie was very helpful in booking our getaway plans, but my decision to leave this review stems from what happened after our vacation started. Our first night there, we received a call that one of our children was in the ER. After deciding to cut the vacation short, Cassie was kind, empathetic, and invaluable in booking our return flights and lining up the submission of our travel insurance claim. I highly recommend Cassie and Curated Travel Co.!

Chris Gissele

Cassie was nothing short of amazing! First time using a travel agent and she exceeded our expectations!

Jeri Kraft

We worked with Annie on booking a trip to Mexico for a cousin’s wedding, during a pandemic. Annie was extremely helpful with answering all of my questions and making recommendations. She was also very knowledgeable about travel requirements during the pandemic. Unfortunately, we ended up canceling our trip. And once again Annie was extra helpful in getting everything taken care of. I would definitely recommend Annie and Curated Travel!

Kylee Merkel

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